Construction at 10% Fees

Construction Management Consultancy

RS Design and Construction (RSDC) provide qualified Construction management consultancy to clients who do not have qualified team or time to involve in work. In the role of project manager, we act on behalf of the client to design, take approval from relevant authorities, and hire contractors. RSDC manages the project in relation to quality, time and financial goals. As construction managers we can lean the entire construction work including all coordination, logistics, quality, regulation and communication all the way to inspection and hand- over.

What we offered at 10% of total project cost?


Availing Building permission

Construction of Building

Interior work

Why Construction Management?

Following are reasons to avail construction management service over turnkey construction

Flexibility to chose materials & Brand

High Quality Construction

Flexibility in Budget

Change in Design anytime

Types of project

We provide construction management consultancy to following types of project:-

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