Project Information 

Client Name: Mr. Hamid

Site Area: 2400 sqft (40'x60')

Location: Bhilai

Type: Renovation of existing House

Orientation: West Facing

Category: Residential Building

Configuration: G (2BHK)

Old House

After Renovation 

Main Entrance


Bedroom Ceiling

Modular Kitchen






2 BHK House

House which consist of 2 bedrooms, 1 hall & 1 kitchen is known as 2BHK house. This type of house is best choice for a family living with their parents or children. 2BHK house are built on cities where land cost is very high and space is tight. This is the optimum configuration required by a small family to live in comfortably. 

2BHK House Design- Standard 2BHK house are built on plot area of 1300 sqft, however minimum plot area required for 2 BHK house plan is only 900 sqft. More plot area gives opportunity to plan large size room and extra spaces such as dining room, store room, parking & pooja space.  Kitchen is very import part of house, properly plan and sufficient size kitchen is always required by the users. Open kitchen is best option for small house; it saves space and gives aesthetic appearance if modular system is used. Bedroom should also have optimum space after placing bed and furniture in room. Minimum Comfortable size of bedroom is 10’x10’ without wardrobe & 10’x12’ with wardrobe. Hall is first impression of small houses, size and furniture placement is important for efficient planning and aesthetic appearance. Minimum Comfortable size of hall is 10’x12’ without dining & 10’x15’ with dining table.

Advantage of 2BHK House – Small size is main advantage of 2 BHK house; it reduces construction and running cost of building. It is environment friendly too; less you construct, fewer environments is affected. Electricity cost, painting cost and repairing cost of items are less in the small house.

RS Design and Construction Service- We offer best house design in the industry which is space efficient, User friendly, Eco friendly, comfortable & aesthetic appealing. We have various house plans available of our website, select right house plan as per your requirement and purchase its working drawing & 3D view.  These plans can be customised as per your requirement or new plan can be provided. We offer online service during planning and construction if needed over email and telephone.