Get your dream house constructed at amazing prices:


*Minimum Construction area 2100 sqft

Only in Bhilai, Durg & Raipur

Following works are offered at this Price


Free Drawing

RCC Structure

Septic tank (5'x8'x6')

3'-0" Plinth height

Murrum Filling

Damp Proof coarse (DPC)

Red Brick wall

Concreate bed in Single brick wall


(Except Ceiling where false ceiling is proposed)

Front Boundary wall 

(upto 6' high)

Parapet wall in Single brick

Cement flooring on Terrace

Tiles & Granite

Vitrified tiles on floor 

(upto 2'x2')

Ceramic tiles on kitchen wall

 (upto 1'x1.5')

Ceramic tiles toilet

(upto 7' height)

Parking tiles (upto 1.5'x1.5')

Elevation wall tiles

(upto 1'x1.5')

Granite on Staircase top & Tiles in riser

Granite on Window cill

(Inner side of window)

Granite on Kitchen platform


Wooden Door Frame

Laminated Door panel

Mortis Lock

Except in toilet & Staircase tower

MS door in Staircase tower

Window & Railing

Aluminum Window

Size upto 5'x4'

MS Grill in Window

(10mm square bar)

SS Railing Staircase

SS Railing Balcony

Plumbing Work

Drainage & Sewage line

(PVC Pipe) 

Water Supply line

(UPVC & CPVC Pipe)

Water tank (PVC)

Rain water harvesting pit

Size 4'x4'x4'

Inspection Chamber

PVC Manhole cover

Commode & Metro flush

Health Faucet


Wall Mixture


Kitchen Sink & Tap

Electrical Work

Modular Switch & Board

PVC pipe & Fittings

Copper Wire


Waterproof Bell switch

Chemical Earthing

Surface light balcony/porch

Connection for water overflow alarm


MS Gate & Ramp with parking tile

False Ceiling

Except - Toilet, Store, Staircase tower, Parking & Balcony)

MS work as per Design

Internal Painting

White Cement on internal wall

Putty on internal wall & Ceiling

Primer on Internal wall & Ceiling 

Two Coat internal paint

External Painting

One coat Damp Proof coat on wall

Two Coat External paint

Three Coat Damp Proof paint on terrace

Work Excluded in Rate

Owner to Provide

Material Brand & Rate





Upgrade to Premium at

Rs 2000/sqft*

*Minimum Construction area 2400sqft

Following works are added at this Price

Ceramic tiles in toilet

(upto Ceiling)

Tiles on Terrace (upto 2'x2')

Granite border all side in window

UPVC window 

(size upto 6'x6', Price upto Rs750/sqft)

Sagwan Main door with polish

(upto Rs25000)

One modular kitchen

(upto Rs 2 lakhs)

Wardrobe in Bedroom

(upto Rs 1 lakh each)

Wash basin with cabinet

(Upto Rs 25,000/nos)

One TV Unit

(Upto Rs 35,000)

Diverter/ Shower/tap

(upto Rs10,000/set)

Glass Railing in Balcony

(Upto Rs1200/ft)

Payment Structure