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Various free house plans are available on this website, and the plans are grouped according to their road-facing orientation. 

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Vastu Tips for House

Designing a house plan according to Vastu principles involves incorporating various guidelines to ensure positive energy flow and harmony within the living space. Here's a basic house plan layout based on Vastu principles:

1. Main Entrance: The main entrance is ideally situated in the North, North-East, or East directions. If you have a South-facing plot, consider placing the entrance slightly towards the East side within the South quadrant.

2. Living Room: Place the living room in the North or East zone of the house. This encourages positive interactions and social gatherings.

3. Dining Area: The dining area can be positioned adjacent to or within the living room, preferably in the West or North-West direction.

4. Kitchen: Locate the kitchen in the South-East corner of the house. Ensure that the cook faces the East while preparing meals.

5. Bedrooms:

   - Master Bedroom: The ideal location for the master bedroom is in the South-West corner, promoting stability and well-being.

   - Other Bedrooms: Place additional bedrooms in the South or West zones.

6. Bathrooms: Bathrooms can be positioned in the South-East or South-West corners, but make sure the toilet seat does not face the South direction.

7. Pooja (Prayer) Room: Create a pooja room in the North-East corner, facing either the East or North direction. This area should be serene and free from clutter.

8. Staircase: If you have a multi-story house, place the staircase in the South, South-West, or West directions. Ensure that it doesn't block the flow of positive energy.

9. Windows and Balconies: Incorporate larger windows on the North and East sides to allow ample sunlight and positive energy to enter. Balconies can also be positioned on these sides.

10. Colors: Choose light and soothing colors for the interiors. Avoid excessive use of aggressive colors like red.

11. Outdoor Spaces: Maintain a garden or landscaping towards the South to balance energy. If possible, create an outdoor seating area in the North-East corner.

12. Avoid Clutter: Design the layout to allow for open spaces and easy movement. Avoid clutter, as it disrupts positive energy flow.

Remember that the above house plan is a general guideline and can be adjusted based on the specific plot size, shape, and individual preferences. It's also important to consult with a Vastu expert or architect experienced in Vastu principles to tailor the plan to your needs while ensuring it adheres to Vastu guidelines.