East Facing House Plan

An East-facing house plan is thoughtfully designed to harness the benefits of the morning sun and create a harmonious living environment. The positioning of the house allows the main entrance and most frequently used rooms to face the East, ensuring that they receive ample natural light and warmth during the early hours of the day. This orientation not only promotes a sense of vitality and positivity but also often reduces the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. Moreover, an East-facing house plan is well-suited for individuals who prefer to start their day with the rejuvenating energy of the sunrise. It provides an opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, or balconies in the pleasant morning sunlight, while the western side of the house, which tends to get hotter in the afternoon, can be designated for less frequently used spaces. Overall, an East-facing house plan showcases a thoughtful approach to design, maximizing the advantages of natural light and energy efficiency to enhance the overall living experience.

E1: -20'x60' 

E2: 26'x70'

E3-: 26'x70'

E4: 30'x40'

E5: 25x40 

E6: 25'x40'

E7: 30'x40' 

E8: 30'x40'

E9: 56'-9"x32'

E10: 40'x52'

E11: 40'x60'

E12: 26'x37'

E13: 56'x49'

E14: 26'x37'

E15: 20'x50'

E16: 20'x50'

E17: 20'x60'

E18: 20'x60'

E19: 40'x60'

E20: 35'x50'

E21: 30'x50'

E22: 30'x40'

E23: 25'x60'

E24: 25'x60'

E25: 25'x60'

E26: 25'x60'

E27: 25'x60'

E28: 25'x60'

E29: 25'x50'

E30: 25'x50'

E31: 42'x60'

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