West Facing House Plan

A West-facing house plan is strategically designed to make the most of the afternoon and evening sunlight. In this layout, the main entrance and commonly used areas are positioned to face the West, allowing them to receive ample natural light during the latter part of the day. This orientation often creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, especially in spaces like living rooms and dining areas, where residents can enjoy the soothing hues of the sunset. While mornings are generally more subdued, the advantage of a West-facing house is that it can be cooler during the early hours, which might be preferable in regions with hot climates. Additionally, bedrooms and other private spaces can be situated on the eastern side, ensuring a more peaceful and cooler environment during the night. The West-facing house plan is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the tranquility of evenings and wish to maximize outdoor enjoyment during sunset hours in their backyard, garden, or outdoor entertainment spaces.

"Free West-facing house plans are available on this page. If you wish to customize a plan according to your needs, please contact us." 

W1: -30'x20' 

W2: -30'x40' 

W3: -30'x50' 

W4: -40'x60' 

W5: -59'x82

W6: -20'x55

W7: -22'-9"x49

W8: -18'x60

W9: -30'x32

W10: -25'x47

W11: -18'x60

W12: -18'x60

W13: -18'x60' 

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