South Facing House Plan

A South-facing house plan is intelligently designed to take advantage of sunlight and energy efficiency. In this arrangement, the main entrance and commonly used rooms are positioned to face the South, allowing them to receive ample sunlight during the day. This orientation promotes a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for creating cozy living spaces. While this design may lead to slightly cooler mornings, the advantage lies in the fact that the house can remain warmer during the colder months due to the consistent sunlight exposure. Bedrooms and private areas can be situated on the Northern side to provide a cooler and more restful environment for sleep. South-facing house plans are particularly popular in regions with colder climates, as they assist in naturally heating the interior and reducing energy consumption for heating purposes. Additionally, this layout offers flexibility in terms of outdoor spaces, where patios, gardens, and recreational areas can be located to the North, providing a comfortable and shaded area for outdoor activities. Overall, a South-facing house plan is a smart choice for those who seek a balance between warmth, energy efficiency, and functional living spaces.

"Free South-facing house plans are available on this page. If you wish to customize a plan according to your needs, please contact us." 

S1: -30'x50' 

S2: -36'x50' 

S3: -30'x30' 

S4: -30'x30' 

S5: -35'x30' 

S6: -20'x50' 

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