North Facing House Plan

A North-facing house plan is thoughtfully designed to capture the benefits of consistent natural light throughout the day. In this layout, the main entrance and frequently used rooms are oriented towards the North, allowing them to receive gentle and even sunlight for a significant portion of the day. This design not only ensures a bright and cheerful ambiance but also promotes energy efficiency by minimizing the need for excessive artificial lighting. The Northern exposure is particularly advantageous for areas with colder climates, as it helps in keeping the house warmer during the colder months. Additionally, this orientation provides a balance between the cooler morning light and the slightly warmer afternoon glow. Bedrooms and private spaces can be placed on the Southern side to ensure comfort and restful sleep during the night. A North-facing house plan is an excellent choice for those who prioritize natural light, energy efficiency, and a well-balanced illumination throughout their living spaces. It offers an inviting and comfortable atmosphere that caters to various activities and preferences of the residents.

"Free North-facing house plans are available on this page. If you wish to customize a plan according to your needs, please contact us." 

N1: -20'x50' 

N2: -24'x50' 

N3: -30'x50' 

N4: -40'x64

N5: -25'x44' 

N6: -23'x55

N7: -26'x60

N8: -20'x60' 

N9: -20'x60' 

N10: -20'x60' 

N11: -20'x50' 

N12: -20'x43

N13: -20'x43

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